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Stories of I Do recently travelled down to Birmingham to photograph the wedding of Heather and Mark in Solihull. We were there to photograph the bridal party preparations, groomsmen preparations, wedding ceremony through to the wedding reception. We were arranged by one of her daughters, Michaela, who contacted us online. She wanted to organise a surprise photographer for her mum, after sadly being let down by her former photographer at the last minute. We were so glad that we could come to the rescue and help at the eleventh hour as it was a perfect day!

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The beauty of being a team of two wedding photographers is that we can split up and capture both the bride and the groom’s preparations calmly. Moments that are otherwise missed with just one photographer – you just can not be in two places at once! You can see the Sneak peek we did a few days ago here.

Mark had been staying in Solihull close to the registry office the night before, so Jon dropped Mary off with Heather and her marvellous bridal team of daughters & granddaughters, family and friends before heading off to locate the groom.

When we arrived it was about 2 hours before the ceremony; the bridal preparation was in full flow, hair spray, makeup and straighteners everywhere. Everyone in the house was crowding around the downstairs mirror taking turns to do makeup and hair in front of it. It was non-stop!

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Natural Relaxed Wedding Photography

Jon travelled on to groom prep with the groom and his two sons. The grromsmen were meeting and greeting the relations in the restaurant closest to the registry office. Mark was nervous but very excited; the groomsmen and the groom were going over the speeches for later in the night as well as doing test runs of the best man handing the ring over to Mark.

We could not have asked for a better day; you would have thought it was a mid-summer wedding. It was a sunny, warm day in the beginning of February! After the traditional last minute rush, the bridesmaids made it into their wedding car, a stretch Hummer! Heather and her brother rode behind in a spectacular white Jaguar.

Upon arriving at the picturesque Solihull registry office, last minute details had to be checked to such as the veil position and making sure hair, makeup and lipstick were perfect. Then it was showtime!

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Heather’s brother walked her down the aisle and gave her away. Mark looked emotional as Heather walked in, taking his breath away. The ceremony was lovely with vows being read to one another and an enchanting poem being read by the wedding officiant.

After the ceremony, the couple were showered in confetti and did a few formal pictures in front of the registry office! For the evening wedding reception, we headed over to the Meadway Sports and Social. It was a fantastic intimate venue. All the tables had been dressed, the chocolate fountain in full flow and the dance floor was ready for some moves later in the night.

A fun fill night of dancing, speeches and food commenced. We ended our night with a cutting of the cake before heading back to our Leeds hometown. We want to thank all of the people at the wedding for being amazing on the day, a perfect celebration!

– Jon & Mary Fee | Stories of I Do Wedding Photography

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Stories of I Do often shoot weddings all over the United Kingdom and enjoy to photographing weddings like Mark & Heathers. We can also cover events nationwide as well as Destination Wedding Photography upon Request.

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