County Durham Wedding Photographers

One of the many things that we love about our ‘job’, is that we get to travel to so many places. We have just come back from Louise and Wayne’s wedding in Medomsley, County Durham. Our work leads us to so many different places around the country. We have explored new locations both nearby and far from home. Areas that we have never been to and would never have had the chance to go to if it were not for shooting a wedding. Saturday with Louise and Wayne was no exception. Visiting their little village on the Northumberland border was well worth it. A beautiful small place made all the more special by their loving family. Honestly, such a warm, friendly, lovely group. It took us a long time to leave as so many people hugged us goodbye!
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Wedding Photography Sneak Peek

Anyway, today we are sharing just a small preview sneak peek from our time with them on their wedding day. We are excited to share more of their album soon and are busy editing away.

County Durham Wedding Photographers

Congratulations to the new couple

Writing out these posts do take us a very long time, although it is massively worth it. We love looking back through their newlywed’s images and reliving their day. Stories Of I Do always give out a sneak peak album to our couples as soon as we can. With all the excitement of the day they want to share a few beautiful photographs with friends. We always find the sneak peaks help the wait for the full gallery! We love getting back the giddy reactions from their small preview of pictures.

County Durham Wedding Photographers
County Durham Wedding Photographers

Stories Of I Do – Weddign Photographers

We have the best job satisfaction when people message us. Telling us how much they love the first photographs and that they cannot wait to see more. It gives yet another reminder of how lucky we are to be able to do this for a living. Especially days of so much joy like Louise and Wayne’s, capturing and recording it forever.

County Durham Wedding Photographers

County Durham Wedding Photographers

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