Springkell Manor Wedding Photography

John and Sarah's wedding was such a pleasure to photograph and so much fun. It was the perfect wedding to end our November. Their marriage marked our transition into winter weddings. What a great time we had? There was laughter, tears of joy and many beautiful moments. Such a fun-filled and gorgeous wedding. As wedding celebrations go, this was undoubtedly one of our highlights. It was fantastic to be doing Springkell Manor Wedding Photography!

Bride Preparation Springkell
Wedding Flowers Colour
Wedding Dresss Springkell Black White
Black White Wedding Dress
Wedding Shoes Chair
Shoes Springkell Wedding
Groom Preparation Wedding Springkell
Bestman Springkell Wedding
Rolex Springkell Wedding Scotland
Wedding Scotland Springkell Groom Watch
Groom Black White Springkell
Wedding Groom Shoes
Groom Reading Brides Letter
Bride Preparation Makeupp Springkell

Bridal and Groom Preparation

Our favourite memories were the fun of the morning's preparations. Laughing along with the girls and the bride helping her Mum with her makeup. There was such a lovely family feel to the morning. The highlight was John and Sarah's very emotional, candlelit ceremony. A relaxed and intimate service, with very few dry eyes! The grounds of Springkell Manor wedding venue were perfect for some dramatic portraits!

Table Setting Springkell
Childseat Wedding Breakfast
Wedding Details Springkell
Springkell Wedding
Letter Wedding
Wedding Details
Bestman Letter Bride Springkell
Bestman Springkell Wedding
Bride Makeup Wedding
Groom Bestman Springkell
Groom Letter Writing Springkell

Scotland Wedding Photography

We love photographing Scotland weddings, especially near Dumfries. You can find Springkell, tucked away near the Scottish Border at Eaglesfield, Lockerbie. A beautiful, relaxing wedding venue and hotel. When Sarah and John where they were getting married we knew that it was going to a brilliant day. What a day to be Springkell Manor Wedding Photography's team.

Wedding Shoes Springkell Bride
Bride Springkell Black White Photography
Bride Veil
Bestman Groomsmen Groom Pre-Wedding
Groom Wedding Springkell
Farther Of The Bride
Bride Bridesmaids Enterance Springkell
Springkell Manor Wedding Enterance
Black White Veil Bride Father
Groom Son Waiting
Black White Weddiing
Enterance Of The Bride
Groom Bride Wedding
Bagpipes Wedding Springkell
Bride Groom Holding Hands
Wedding Guests
Farther Bride Wedding Springkell
Flowers Springkell
Springkell Wedding Groom Bride
Bridesmaids Wedding
Confetti Springkell Wedding

Relaxed Scottish Wedding

John admitted that Sarah deserved the credit for planning their beautiful Scottish wedding. They both decided on a gathering of close family and friends. It created such a personal and meaningful ceremony. Guests travelled from far and wide to help them celebrate their wedding day. We arrived early to capture bridal preparations and groom preparations. We got to work photographing some of the wedding details. These included Sarah's beautiful wedding dresses, shoes and the grooms special wedding gift.

Wine Drinks Wedding Reception Springkell
Food Wedding Springkell
Tables Springkell Details
Pool Table Springkell
Wedding Cake Springkell
Wedding Cake Details Springkell Manor
Bride Groom Springkell Manor Outside
Groupshot Springkell Manor
Springkell Manor
Springkell Manor Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers Springkell
Wedding ceremony in Springkell Manor

The ceremony took place at Springkell Manor, which was lovely as it was a cold November day outside. Afterwards, we spent time in the grounds form some less formal group photographs. The manor was perfect for capturing some romantic pictures of the newlyweds. Unobtrusive photographs as they spent their first moments together as husband and wife. Dining and speeches took place in what was later converted to a ballroom for the evening dancing. Following a spectacular first dance, we headed out for some sparkler wedding photographs.

Guest Wedding Mask Child
Bagpipes Wedding Springkell Reception
Funny Wedding Guest Springkell
Bride Groom Springkell
Springkell Wedding Details
Springkell Farther Of The Bride Speaches
Bride Crying Reception
Mother Bride Springkell Speaches
Child Wedding Reception
Farther Of The Groom
Bride Speaches Groom
Bride Laughting
Bestman Speach
Stunning wedding at Springkell Manor

We loved meeting everyone and sharing your wedding stories. We had a wonderful time photographing you, your families and your friends. Stories Of I Do Limited іѕ a team of two wedding photographers bаѕеd in Leeds, UK. We love to travel and shoot at a wide vаrіеtу of locations. Congratulations Sarah and John. A loving Scottish wedding, here is your wedding story!

Bride Groom Springkell Manor Sparklers
Bride Groom Sparklers
Sparklers Wedding Guests
Son Wedding Cake Cutting
Son Wedding Cake Cutting Springkell
Bride Groom Mother Springkell Wedding Cake Son
Dance Bride Groom
Wedding Dancing Guests
Bride Groom Wedding Dancing
Bride Grr First Dance
Bride Groom First Dance Springkell
Bride Dancing
Bride Groom Dancing
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell Granny
Wedding Guests Springkell Dinosaur
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell
Wedding Guests Dancing Springkell

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